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Before I get started with this review I would like to explain my position a little. I am personally not that big a fan of Apple. I wasn’t one of those Mactards who drooled all over themselves when the iPad was announced. Lack of essential features, standard aspect ratio and the price tag was more than enough to make me scoff. I actually came into the review expecting something mediocre. However, within minutes after the unboxing I was pleasantly surprised. Enough with this full though; let’s get on with the actual review!

What’s in the box?
open iPad
iPad (comes in either 16, 32 or 64 gb flavors)
USB charge/sync cable
10watt two prong wall adapter (plug in via USB)
Few measly scraps of paper documentation
TWO apple logo sticker

I wouldn’t have minded losing one of those stickers for a dock, earbuds with a mic or a cleaning cloth but hey, at least the box is pretty and very environmentally safe. Overall kind of meh a littler disappointing. You would think apple would want to give the early adopters a little something something for their devotion and dedication.

How is it?

Well, the build quality is absolutely superb. The all metal chassis mixed with the full edge to edge glass display is not only striking but very practical. The aluminum body is very sturdy and looks very durable, with proper care this thing should last a long time. The thick glass protecting the display does add glare but is also very durable. Practically scratch proof. Unless your fingers are made of diamonds or your are wiping off smudges and fingerprints with barbed wire you have absolutely no reason to worry about scratching up the display.

The screen is as good as it can get. Touch sensitivity is dead on. Gestures work perfectly and your taps register with little to no trouble. The quality of the display is also something worth mentioning. I have never seen such a high quality display on a product designed with mobility in mind. The bright display has great color reproduction, pretty much anything you do on it you will be impressed by the colors. The deep blacks and high contrast is just delicious icing on the cake and topped off with ridiculous viewing angles, this display is everything you could ask for in mobile device.

Now on the opposite spectrum, the built in speakers are pretty mediocre. They get loud enough to share video clips with friends in your immediate vicinity but don’t expect audiophiles quality or turbo bass that will drive all the hipsters into a frenzy, and yo rub salt into a gaping open wound, apple decided to go with mono speakers. Thanks guy, my Beatles in Mono collection sounds great, but what about the rest of my music collection from artists within the last 25 years? At least once plugged in via 3.5mm Jack the music sounds decent. iPods/iPhones have never been known for perfect sound reproduction but they do a good enough job.

Does it work?
Oh yeah, and hot damn does it work well! The iPad’s specs aren’t really that amazing. Sure a pretty good in-house CPU that clocks in at 1 gh, but in this day of dual core standards and 8 virtual cores in high end machines it looks more like a Ford Mustang than a Lambrogini, but how does it fare in real world? Well very well. Apple being the masters of all things software seems to have done an amazing job at optimizing the operating system and really making everything run in the speed of flash (memory)

Every Application apple has loaded up on your iPad is snappy and responsive. You hop from app to app in a blink of an eye and most load before you even have time to sigh.

Navigation is also second to none. Once you learn some basic mutitouch gestures you will be absolutely enamored by them, you will find yourself trying them on any screen you can get a hold of. It just makes everything that damn simple.

The tablet is very content consumption oriented. For watching videos and browsing the internet you won’t find a device comparable. After an hour with the iPad I can guarantee you that for casual browsing you WILL choose it over your desktop/laptop every single time.

When Steve Jobs said in his keynote that this thing needs to be played with before you make your final decision he wasn’t kidding, once you try it you will have a very hard time going back to your smart phones or netbooks.

Any Problems I should know about?
It’s a great first start but there are a handful of things you should know about. The super beastly CPU wasn’t needed, but extra ram would have really helped. If you do a lot of tab/multi window browsing you will find that thanks to the lack of RAM the tabs will have their page cache dumped. What does that mean? Pages you’ve opened win advance will get refreshed every time you hop into another window. This is a glaring flaw since web browsing is a major key feature. And with multitasking OS4 coming out in fall, the lack of ram seems like a near dealbreaker.
Apple also decided to use a strange standard for charging the device. Most USB ports don’t give off enough watts so you won’t be able to charge the iPad. I can also confirm that Firewire and USB charger for iPods will not work either. Most illogical.

On a brighter note the lack of flash is not as painful as it seems. There are many apps in the store that will remedy some of the issues. Many sites are also drifting towards HTML 5 or flashless versions that will play nice with the iPad. But the lack of flash is something you should be aware of.

So…. Worth my money?
This is a revolutionary new product. There’s nothing quite like it out there. The concept of a tablet computer has been around for decades in one incarnation or another but iPad seems to be the first that got more right than wrong. I couldn’t tell you if this really is the future of personal computers or if this is what our grand children will be using, only time can tell. But if this really is a glimpse into the future of mobile computing this is a good start and I am very excited about the revisions to come.

If you are not the gamer who is taking his desktop replacement to a lanparty or a businessman or banker who needs to pump out hundreds of excel documents or PowerPoint presentations on the go this is the mobile computing platform you were waiting for (and didn’t even know).

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Razer Orochi


Orochi borrowed temporary test
Laptops are becoming more and more common. And thanks to the growing market, the niche products like gaming grade laptops and desktop replacements are selling like hot warm? cakes. As the markets expand various companies who want in on the sales have began flooding in all sorts of accessories that sound absolutely bonkers like gaming grade wireless mice, or small 240 watt powersupply.

Razer has brought us the first portable gaming mouse. It’s a small functional Bluetooth laptop mouse that has a impressive sensor with a 2000dpi and a 125hz polling rate that can double as a power gaming mouse with a 4000dpi and 1000hz polling rate via USB cable. Sure the specs are very impressive but, let’s see how well it performs in real world testing.